What is the point? A young person’s perspective on the Earth, and climate change – part II

A young lady

“What’s the point (in learning), the world and everything on it is going to die anyway.”

Following on from an interview several months ago, I caught up with another young lady regarding the issues in the world. She is also intelligent, independent and thoughtful, perhaps anti-Greta but pro-World.

I asked about similar themes as before, but now we are in July and a whole wave of Covid 19 has impacted us, and we are easing out of lockdown.

Returning to school is something that is happening with limited students, in bubbles. Plans for the next academic year are very different, keeping students strictly within year groups.

Climate is no longer the news headline, but when was it?

As a young person, I was interested in her current views of the world, so asked if I could interview her for this blog. Here is our conversation, almost verbatim:


“What’s the point (in learning), the world and everything on it is going to die anyway.”

What do you think of that?

It’s a good comment. It will take a few years for the world to crumble and die. Why are we learning all of this if the world is going to die?

In the current climate, do you think we are on a more rapid course for the end of the world?

I guess so, yes, probably. We are doing more to hurt the Earth, so the more we do the quicker the Earth with end. It is mirroring the ice age, so maybe it will be all be frozen and then come back.

You know we are in an ice age already?

No. It’s not very cold. We have warmed up the planet too much with fossil fuels.

What do you think the biggest potential challenges are to the Earth?

A lot of people. Because of this a lot of stuff is required. This causes greenhouse gasses and the Earth heating a lot.

Is this stuff required?

Some of it is and some of it isn’t. Like food is necessary but could be scaled back a lot. Deforestation is not the best thing.

What can we as individuals?

People need to stop cutting trees down in areas where there are not many trees left. Some people go meat free but if everyone went meat free then it may have an impact. Cutting down the meat we eat would help.

What would you like to happen in the next ten years?

I would like for us to cut down our use of resources but some people are ignorant. Reduce the amount we use, recycle and be more careful with energy use. Try to go completely natural and more renewable sources of energy are used. In ten years people should be able to find out better ways of using renewables.

Who should be taking action now?

Everyone. Turn off lights, donate to charity. People with money (some contribute but some don’t). It does not matter who it is it is everyone’s planet, and their childrens. Anyone can contribute what they can and plant a tree or two.

Who are the current champions of this?

Probably Greta, as much as I do not want to say it! She is doing some good and raising awareness. People who are doing research. If you are doing your bit then you are a hero. You do not have to be famous or well known.

(At this point I was thinking about Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion, The Green Party etc)

What organisations are contributing?

The WWF. They do stuff for the environment.

Why do you not know about them? (any other organisations)

Everything has been put to a stop during covid.

Why do you think not enough people know about these organisations or know what is happening with climate change in the world?

Some people refuse to believe it. They think it all ok and happy to use resources. Others may not have the awareness about this or heard about the groups. People may not be actively seeking out the information.

Do you think part of the problem is our news coverage?

I think we need to definitely get it more in peoples heads. If we saw every day what is happening with the environment then it would help but others may think it is saturation and switch off from it.

Ultimately what you think will happen to our Earth?

It’s difficult to say but it may get so hot that people will die due to lack of ozone or lack of resources. We will run out of stuff and find that all the big rich people will have it all.

How do you feel about that?

It’s annoying that people spend all their money on designer clothes. If all the rich people in the world spent some of their money investing in the planet they could make a big change to the Earth.

What would you like to do about it?

I do my part and try to help raise awareness and live in the right way. Some eco stuff in supermarkets is too expensive and we need to purchase the cheaper options. When I grow up I will reduce the amount of meat I use and do my bit for the world.

This is quite depressing

Well it’s quite scary. We have the chance to change it. We could escape to somewhere else (Mars?) or help with this planet.


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