Climate Justice

This is a book by Mary Robinson. I would highly recommend reading it. In the last few months I have been reading extracts to my form at school, to help educate them about climate change and the people it is affecting.

Mary has brought together a collection of people who she has met and how climate change has impacted them. Mainly women, as they are most affected, it tells us of places and people in the world that you may not be aware of and how big an impact large populations of the world are having on them.

There are so many facts and figures that will affect you, but I do not want to list them here. I want you to read the book.

The final extract that I am sharing with my form is this:


In the last of the quotes from Climate Justice by Mary Robinson, she summarises something that is affecting us all:
“On June 1, 2017, the fears that had kept me awake … were finally realised when President Donald Trump announced that he was pulling the United States out of the Paris climate deal. From my home in Ireland, I watched on television as Trump, standing at a podium in the White House Rose Garden, denounced the Paris accord as a ‘draconian’ deal and claimed that abandoning the agreement would reassert American sovereignty. I knew that America, the world’s second biggest polluter after China, was critical to the agreement’s success, as its INDC pledge alone would account for more than a fifth of all emissions to be saved through 2030. In addition, America’s failure to meet its commitments to the Green Climate Fund and other climate financing would make it even more difficult for developing countries to move to renewable energy. It is unconscionable that the United States has simply walked away from its responsibility to people both at home and abroad, in the interest of short-term fossil fuel profits, and abandoned an agreement that was negotiated by more than 190 world leaders, over decades, in the interests of all people and the planet.”

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