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Log of homeschooling day

My wife and I are teachers. Our children are primary school age.

This is a normal school day:

Before school

Both daughters decided to not do exercise now but want to go out later for a ‘walk’ and a ‘bike ride’. Aiming for the low impact fresh air today. Neither wants a wash.

Cat #2 awol – found in office outside and unable to walk through ‘open door’ but she is quite old now. Cat #7 located outside – still limping from random injury.

Yesterdays work reviewed by me from my students from one of our systems I did not check yesterday. Some included nice messages of “May the 4th be with you!”.

Morning school session 9am

Managed to finish writing a new resource for students to work on. Some work trickles in from my students who are up and working. Good effort!

Both girls working on maths at home – online learning and times tables. More interesting STEM project deferred once again (to tomorrow). You have to be ‘in the mood’ for it I guess.

Cat #7 injures wife after quick injury inspection. Some scratches.

Tea and biscuit time at 10am – girls like early break. Alice gets last chocolate digestive. This would usually cause argument but no one cares to argue with her any more after last nights disastrous family board game.

Morning school session 10:30am

Ring round to tutees. Always lovely to talk to them. Work emails pile up during this time. Stressful.

Tea break needed at 11. Took until 11:30 to make due to assessing work.

Girls want lunch break at 12 and the cat #7 in pain. Wondering if the vets are actually open…


Today everyone decided they wanted scrambled eggs on toast – we have 18 eggs from one of my colleagues who has chickens so this is working well. Alice also wanted to learn how to cook it, and being a good cook, this gave me another 5 minutes to make more tea!

Semi ‘save the world’ disaster. I tumble dried our washing this morning as it was damp and grey – now it is lovely and sunny, with some wind. Perfect for drying clothes. #firstworldproblems

Afternoon session 1pm

Remote teaching is very tricky. I have set some practice exam papers that I have written. Now, I need to work out the answers and assess students work. Then, I need to feedback on this work. This is the hard bit – how do you feedback individually to a whole class remotely?! I have decided to write a ‘how to….’ sheet for all of the work and send it to them.

30 mins in I need to teach Alice some more maths that she wants to learn about. Circles! I even showed her to share google docs so we could work on the same document AND how to use a calculator properly – all good prep for starting high school!

During this also fit in a quick 5 min video call with Dad to help test his tech! We are on it for tech in this family.

Afternoon session 2pm

The girls stop at this time. It is a lot to ask them to keep working! I will now resume looking at online shared work from my own students! More tea needed! Thankfully Eva is quite good at making tea now she has finished her work today 🙂

Wash silicone cup cake cases for third time. As good as they are and amazing at being reused, they are hard to fully clean!

Girls decide to do a dance routine while I work out GCSE maths exam question answers. Helpful. They are happy though, and made a great video 🙂

I pause for 5 minutes to read a very interesting blog from a U.S. 8th grader about distance learning:

Cat #7 booked in for a phone catch up with vets. She may also be having kittens. While I think of it I had a dream that cat #1 was female and very pregnant! He isn’t btw.

Afternoon 3:30pm

Normally I would finish now. Classes are over for the day. I need a break too before planning for tomorrow. We however have our weekly google meet staff meeting. We all need to connect, mute microphones and turn off video for an hour whilst we have updates. So, a normal meeting then, but I can type away at marking student work without distracting everyone! At the end everyone can hang around and say hello etc all unmuted – I think that is why my speakers do not work properly anymore…

Both girls have been experimenting with zoom too for quizzes and scout meetings. We are all learning some great tech skills at this time!

Afternoon 4:30pm

Time for some fresh air! Family bike ride 😀


Evening time usually consists of our normal routine, involving dinner and planning lessons! Interesting days at the moment. As my email signature says:

Take care, be kind and look after each other.




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