Water saving tips for the garden

The weather is getting nice. Lots of us are at home. Let’s have a quick reminder of how we can still contribute to helping the Earth by not wasting water in the garden:

  • You do not need to water your grass if it is brown – the rain will do that job, just be patient
  • Water plants that need it during the evening – that way the water will not evaporate away
  • Reuse your cooking water for the garden – if you have been boiling vegetables it will be full of nutrients
  • Collect water where possible in water butts – and place them in most useful places to you
  • Plant flowers that need less water – check this link https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/
  • Use any potential waste water for general watering – from baths, washing up, tumble dryer condensers
  • Order a garden kit – check Anglian Water https://www.anglianwater.co.uk/help-and-advice/save-water/water-saving-tips/in-the-garden/order-a-garden-kit/
  • Water using a watering can and not a hose – this will help you use less water
  • Reuse fish tank water – full of nutrients
  • Get rid of weeds – they suck up needed water
  • Only water pots when the soil is dry – if moist, then it does not need it
  • Collect shower water for your garden – just put a bucket in the shower when you use it

And if you read around the subject there is a lot more you can do with compost and mulching, but all the above are quick and easy for anyone to do to save water. Jon

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