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Inspired by Letters to the Earth

I have been reading the book Letters to the Earth this year and have started reading some to my tutees at school.

[Letters to the Earth: Writing to a Planet in Crisis Jackie Morris

This weekend I was inspired by some of the stories, and what was happening in the news, to write my own letter:


Dear Earth

One day it was quiet. Too quiet compared to normal. We climbed down the mountains as usual. No one was there though.
The sea broke against the shore and rocks. The sky was clear, no smoke, no lines in the sky.
Something has happened. But it feels good. Good for us. We walked on.
This time feels different. Quiet roads. Where are all the people? My friends nod us forward to the village.
Cars are here, but still. No sound or movement. Are people here hiding? I see some in their homes.
We run around all morning, sitting on their lawns, walking past the shops, eating their fruit, their plants.
And then I see someone!
They follow us around, close but far enough away. We play.
We tire, rest and sit down on the village green.
The man with his phone goes home. Some of my friends eat a hedge.
We return home to the mountain.
It’s getting late and now the sunsets are beautiful. Where are the people with their pollution?
It is a good time for us to come down the mountain.

George the goat.


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