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A letter to my (your) MP

Please feel free to copy and paste.

Dear MP

Thank you for serving us well at this time. We all know the challenges the we currently face and the majority of people are doing the absolute best they can.

We can see each day on the television the measures that government are trying to put in place. Thank you for doing your best at this time to help look after us. Thank you for trying to save hundreds of peoples lives by giving this your full attention. Thank you for acting NOW.

When the current crisis is over however, we do not want to go back to ‘normal’. We have seen what great things people can do. We want real change.

There is another crisis you need to act on. It is not a quick killer. Yet. It is a slow burn. We have known about it for so long. It has the potential to kill us all. It is climate change.

If you look at the average number of people this with impact in terms of their health, way of life and ultimate death then I think you will agree that is should still be top of our agenda.

Yes, we have something more urgent right now, and thank you for the action on this.

But soon, give the same focus to the global killer, else it really will be too late.


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