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Water saving tips

Over the past couple of years we have looked at a range of water saving tips. Our local water company (Anglian Water are good at helping with this, so worth checking out. Here is a list of our tips for you, especially as we approach spring and summer and you may be in the garden more:

  1. Share baths
  2. Take shorter showers
  3. Put a brick in your toilet tank (or pebbles or fill a water bottle)
  4. Check your toilet for leaks
  5. Do not use your toilet as a bin
  6. Turn off the tap when washing your teeth
  7. Check pipes for leaks
  8. Only use a dishwasher for full loads (or not at all!)
  9. Do not leave tap running to rinse dishes
  10. Use a watering can and not a hose pipe for watering your garden

A good way to check for any leaks is to check your water meter over a period of time. For example when you leave home and when you return. If you know that no water should have been used then it should not have changed at all. Jon

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