Greenpeace Guest Speakers

A few weeks ago I was looking at the Greenpeace site and came across this:

A perfect idea for school! I thought it would be great for Eva’s school to have a guest in to talk (our assemblies are often aimed at older children – I have talked about Greta and the positive change from this).

Checking their website there were local people and I got in touch with Eva’s teacher. Within a few hours the wheels were in motion! It was a fantastic response from the school and guest.

Currently, Eva is putting some finishing touches to her powerpoint for the assembly. An update from Miss M (class teacher) as follows:


Booked in for March as a Greenpeace guest speaker.

The idea is that Eva runs her assembly to the whole school, and then Hayley will deliver a talk to the whole of Key Stage 2 afterwards.

She has sent me the following information on what she will cover:

I can bring some slides – usually images of plastic waste (since this seems to be a focus) but also something about climate change. I try to keep that basic with younger children as I don’t think it’s fair to hit them with the stark reality. I can also mention biodiversity in general with a few stats and, again images.

In terms of action they can take I would tend to focus them on the idea that there is no ‘away’ when we discard stuff so: 

  • focusing on the reduce part of reduce reuse recycle – the bit that most often gets glossed over!
  • look at ways to reduce plastic use including solid shampoos and soaps
  • ecobricks
  • then look at other stuff they can take home to reduce their family impact including travel, holidays, diet, energy consumption (not charging overnight, turn the thermostats down, how water use, LED bulbs) and finding out if their family are with a renewable energy company.
  • finally i would encourage them to contact their elected representatives by email or letter using
I can give them action sheets to take home. 
I can bring stickers etc.

Thank you everyone for their help with this, not only in supporting Eva but helping get the message to a whole school! Jon

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