Guest blog 3

The third installment from our guest blogger…

Global warming, as I keep saying, is not the issue. Killing trees and animals, destroying flora and fauna, that is what activists should be fighting against. That is what is killing our planet. New figures this week show the Amazon forests are now releasing more CO2 than they are absorbing due to deforestation. That is a real shitter. I worry more about the damage that will be done following a ‘woke’ agenda. This country could go carbon neutral which would have zero impact on CO2 levels yet in doing so, the countries causing most of the problem, China and India, would increase CO2 levels trying to keep up with demand for the energy saving devices we need. Let’s not forget how many communication devices alone are being used by the younger generation whilst preaching to us oldies about going green, something we were a lot better at incidentally.

There is definitely Climate Change which obviously gives us different weather patterns like bringing storms in that would normally remain out to sea. That’s the problem. We cut down forests then pressure and winds change which moves the existing weather patterns and changes localised temperatures. The ice that is melting in the Antarctic is nowhere near the South Pole but up level with South America, the ice further south is getting thicker. The Gulf Stream is getting weaker which will mean our temperatures here will get colder, a lot colder if it stops.

All of this is being caused by deforestation and urbanisation. It’s not about CO2 at all. If anything, the more vegetation we cut down the more CO2 we need to grow larger trees etc. to compensate. The man made increase in CO2 is made by deforestation releasing billions of tons of carbon in to the atmosphere but just as much is being released by the gradual decompression of the tundra. In fact, there is twice as much CO2 and CH4 (Methane) held in the tundra than in the atmosphere at present. It could be argued that we caused that too by killing all the mammoths that were walking on it. That issue is so bad that the Russians are trying to regenerate the mammoths by adding DNA to elephants. Coal is more efficient than oil which is more efficient than gas in producing energy. We are about 45% green energy efficient in this country and rising but the energy cost to produce the ‘green energy’ producing equipment is never factored in. And how green is green energy? Solar panels must be 100% green, yes?

To produce a Solar Panel you need; copper, nickel or cadmium. The amount of Silver needed for photovoltaic purposes in 2017 was 242 million kg out of a total supply of 27 billion kg. Demand will soon outstrip supply as is the case for Lithium and Silicon in the future. But supply is not the only problem. The damage caused and cost of mining, the extraction chemical separation processes that are highly polluting, the soil erosion caused and the mercury contamination.

On the other hand, after 5.23 years, a Solar Panel will have generated an equivalent amount of energy as required to produce it and financial will break even in between 20 and 34 years. Interestingly, the carbon footprint of a Solar Panel can be up to twice as big if made in China compared to panels made in Europe. But what do we do with them at the end of their lifecycle. 90% float glass that contains impurities, can’t recycle, lead and cadmium that will leach into the soil.  So, specialist recycling will need to be set up, soon!


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