Guest blog 1

After a conservation with a family member about how climate change can get you down… here is the warm up guest blog:

Maybe stop believing ‘everything’ you hear about it. Climate Change is this centuries Oil Company. There’s lots of money to be made and research grants etc. I just despair about the lack of truth in every part of society. When 140 leading climate scientists publish 340 papers denying the current thoughts on climate change and all sign a letter proclaiming that, none of them get invited onto Radio 4 to edit for the day but a 17 year old girl who’s dad encouraged her to find a cause to cure her depression does.

Global warming – BAD

Cutting down trees – VERY BAD

Vegans and Honey – GOOD for their souls. PRETTY BAD for Bees. VERY BAD for fruit bats. VERY VERY BAD for Pollination.

Ice Age – Mini Ice Age finished in 1870 and it’s starting to warm up. Think about that one.

CO2 – GOOD or BAD? Can’t retain heat. Good. Traps heat Bad. More CO2 = more greenery as plants need it. Very Good

Polar Bears – Less ice. Bad. Population doubled in last 10 years. Good.

Antarctica – Ice getting thicker. GOOD. Edges melting quicker. BAD. Tourists VERY BAD

Mauritius – Underwater in 3 years. Prediction 3 years ago. Not under water.

Soya – BAD except good if vegetarian.


Bush Fires – VERY BAD Caused by temperature rising. NO. More area burnt in 1999. Last year less bush burnt but all in one place.

Concrete – VERY, VERY BAD Lots of greenhouse gas from making that

Cheap Clothes – VERY, VERY, VERY BAD. Biggest polluter of all.


The Earth is getting warmer whether we help it or not. The rise in CO2 levels is caused by the culling of the trees on the planet, but also the by the amount of food we need to feed our increasing population. Rice, soya, cows all contribute. Simple things like killing all of the Mammoths have now come back to bite us as the permafrost is gradually springing up and releasing trapped gases. That’s not global warming, that’s the lack of heavy animals walking on it. They’re now trying to genetically change elephants so they can wander about on the ice.

Facts. I’ve got hundreds of them. Stop worrying. Yes, we are destroying all of the forests and wildlife and that is something to cry about. Yes, we will hit zero emission targets but that’s not because we are protesting but because technology is going that way anyway. We can have riots and protests in the streets every day but the fact is, making an electric car still takes more energy than it saves, making a wind farm still takes more energy than it recoups, sheep graze on slopes where you can’t grow cabbages and strangely, it takes more energy to make a paper bag than a plastic one. (A good paper bag will outlast plastic any day though).

Governments are taking notice but that won’t change a lot. Brazil is still cutting down trees. China is building 150 coal powered generating stations this year. A good epidemic wiping out half the population might help. But on a positive note, the Amazon can reforest itself in 10 years, trees burnt black in Australia are already sprouting again. Nature will always win. Climate Change protesters will change the general public though which is very good as there are some really wasteful bastards out there.

STOP cutting down trees. STOP throwing plastic away, re-use the stuff. VEGAN can be bad as well as good. Eat less Meat and if a chicken costs less than £10 it’s not had a good life, don’t eat it.

Feeling better yet? 🙂

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