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Statistics – Jan 2020

I am a mathematician, and I love statistics. The true  ones that is! Although misleading graphs can be interesting as a teaching point. So, after 1 month of blogging I have checked out the stats (only to find everyone does stats over 28 days…).

Firstly, the wordpress blog Started on the 1st Jan, stats as follows:

Views: 1407
Visitors: 288
Peak day: Jan 19th – 170 views

Nice start.

From the beginning we have had a twitter page too, with the blog automatically posting to twitter. Obviously other things are tweeted (we like sunrise pictures). Stats:

Profile visits: 1188
Followers: 365 (nice number)
Top tweet: 9661 impressions

Great! Thank you everyone 🙂

Then, I figured out a week or so later that I could also post to facebook if I set up a group page. This was a bit fiddly as facebook do not want me to call my page anything but Mr. Anyway, we have that up and running too. Stats:

Page views: 199
Followers: 56
Top engagement: 11

The mildly irritating thing about this is that the blog posts can be read on facebook and therefore not on the blog.

With wordpress you can also post to linkedin. Done too, but this isn’t really a platform I use. 241 followers – best post: 60 views. Will keep posting there.

I think instagram does something too – will investigate soon.

So interesting start – thank you to our followers! Remember to keep promoting the positive change we can bring about for the Earth. Jon

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