Hair tips 2

This is the one lots have you have asked about – and it freaks some people out!

Just before university there was this boy group around – called Take That. Rumour (confirmed many times) had it that they did not wash their hair! Apparently you don’t need to as your hair has natural oils that help clean itself. This makes sense as hair products will strip them out, your hair then going into overdrive to make more then makes it ‘greasy’.

Well, this was worth checking out. At university I stopped washing my hair. I also dyed it. Cut it. All sorts. After not washing it for a couple of weeks the smell goes and it actually works!

Now, it isn’t completely NOT washing. Obviously hair gets wet in the shower or bath – and whatever is in the bath goes in to your hair but the main principle remains – not buying hair products for washing.

The problem I had at the beginning was that I couldn’t get it cut too frequently (hair clippers came later) and with occasional dyeing it was like having a massive wash and condition followed by nothing. But the experiment was a broad success.

For some reason I then stopped and returned to washing it and going to the barbers. Maybe due to having a job and actual income.

Fast forward to 3 or 4 years ago. I started cutting my own hair again and also stopped washing it. Now my hair is quite short anyway so the yucky stage was over quite quickly. It does need a good brush regularly and will need a wash on occasion (for example I always seem to get half the garden in my hair when trimming the hedges etc). For the last 3 years though I have only washed my hair twice due to that.


  • Cheap (no products to buy)
  • Environmentally friendly (no products bought)
  • Easy to do (in fact less maintenance)


  • May not work with long hair
  • People look at you funny when you tell them

I wanted to have a look at the Take That news again. A quick search gave this result from 3 years ago:

So long may the hair washing not continue! Jon

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