Hair tips 1

When I was at university a group of my friends cut their own hair. They mostly just shaved it short, number 2, 3 or 4 cut. It started with the group in the officer training core and spread. Great for a student, cheap and easy.

I tried it out too but prefered my hair a bit longer and spiked so it was tricky. Starting work I then just went back to the barbers. £9 a cut, £10, £12, … £15.

Fast forward to a few years ago. Spending £100 plus each year I thought I would try it again. I bought hair clippers again (for £10 – amazon – – they are now £15).

They are the best investment! Since then I have cut my own hair – 5 years now. That includes top, side, back. I have some scissors too (from poundland) that can be used to tidy it up and have cut others (long) hair too – just a trim.

My hair currently looks like this:


Photo courtesy of my lovely wife.

I also use the clippers without attachments to shave. They don’t give a perfectly smooth shave, but very even. Usually once a week.

All this combined (not going to barber and not using any other shaving items) has saved me hundreds of pounds. I have gone to the barbers once and had 1 shave too in nearly 5 years, all for the cost of a pair of hair clippers. Well, £20 actually. They were so good that I bought another pair in 2018, just in case! Jon

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