Plastic pollution

Asking Eva what she like like to talk about today, she said reducing plastic pollution.

We all know about it and am certain everyone reading will be trying to do their best to cut down, but what more can we do for a greater impact?


The news is full of our waste abroad (the picture is from the Philippines) which completely sums up many developed countries real attitudes, waste affecting the sea, waste affecting wildlife…

And then what seems to be the ‘positive’ news of companies cutting down on plastic but… Coca Cola think customers still want plastic bottles, Tesco will cut down on plastic packaging (but still use it), ‘eco’ products look and sound nice and friendly but still come in a plastic bottle.

Eva’s solution is to buy less plastic. We have been trying this with some success. In our last shopping trip all the fruit and veg we purchased was loose (and near exact amounts for what we needed – no waste). Other products were cardboard packaged. We take washing containers for a refill and always reuse bags (I think some are very old now, but they still do a great job!).

Single use plastic is still an issue. I now have an rCup in the car for whenever I need (there should be no reason to ever have a disposable cup). My drink container at work is metal (and must have had nearly 500 cups of tea by now). We don’t use straws (why does anyone need a straw?!) – although it is nice for the girls sometimes, we use Eva’s metal ones.

Looking up some good advice on this, we are covering a lot of the main tips that Greenpeace give:

And if you would like further mythbusting information, check their video about the plastic problem:


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