Ecotricity Get Smart App and meter

A week or so ago I received an email from Ecotricity about a meter they are trying out. It will help with timing when to charge my electric vehicle (EV).

I am quite sensible with this anyway and have economy 7 (cheap night rate electric when the demand is low) and mostly charge on my car timer anyway.

Anything that helps monitor and improve my carbon footprint helps (not that I should be impacting with an electric company who uses renewable energy).

So I downloaded the app:

And have been trying it out for timing etc:

This seems to work really well. I have synched it with how I charge my car and it is telling me that overnight there is a much smaller carbon impact! The charges do not match up exactly but I have fed this back and the app is new so an update should fix this.

And today … we got the meter!

Youtube video here:

Contents of pack:

All sorted and set up. Quick email to the company and it is monitoring our energy use!

Example here:

Next, on to their other useful apps! Jon

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