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Do we NEED to dry clean?

I have a couple of suits for work. They do the job. Nothing fancy, both from sellers of suits and they have lasted about ten years.

A few times a year (I do not wear them all the time) they get taken to the dry cleaners, usually on an ‘offer’ so I can afford to pay for them.

This week, after a week of wear, I thought lets try the washing machine…

Now I have done this before. I had a cheap suit from a supermarket that I used to wash at home all the time. Nice and easy, air it to dry. After x washes it started to kind of crumple and whatever was in the shoulders effectively died. It, as the saying goes, didn’t owe me a penny. It lasted years and ultimately died. If someone has more knowledge about how to upcycle or reuse it in any form then they have probably picked it up from the charity shop that it went to.

So, on to today. A good suit. Doesn’t look like it will wash ok. Old washing machine. But, without thinking about it too much, I went for it. Put a small amount of washing liquid in (it turned out to be too much still), put it on all the eco wash settings as usual and low temperature.

30 minutes later – suit survived! Now handing in airing cupboard and in a few days it may need an iron.

Saved on chemicals, cost and no need to buy more clothes. And it smells nice 🙂


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