Adopted animals

It started many years ago (at least 15). My Aunt Janet gave my dad a present for christmas. It was an adopted reindeer and he went to see it in Scotland on a farm near Aviemore. We all thought it was quite a cool present.

In return we think dad gave Janet an adopted goat, but no one quite recalls the full details.

Move ahead a few years and we have 2 animal loving girls. Dad (Grandad to them) has adopted both of them animals a few years ago through the WWF. Check the link if you would like to do similar:

Alice tiger


Alice’s Animal

Alice recieved a surprise for her 6th birthday – an adopted Tiger! His name is Kalika and he came in a pack with a soft toy too. Every year she gets an update with a newsletter and currently Kalika has new cubs!







Eva ele

Eva’s Animal

Similar with Eva, for her 5th birthday. Grandad got a present for her: an adopted Elephant! Eva’s is called Khara. She is an African elephant in danger. This has really contributed to Eva’s love of animals and wanting to help the environment and climate change.

Eva also recieved a new elephant soft toy to complement the little one. The larger elephant is called ‘Big Elephant’.



The latest adoption is another for Eva. We adopted her a snow leopard this Christmas. She is looking forward to receiving more information about it soon. In the meantime Grandad of course bought her a larger soft toy (aided by Eva just picking it up in the shop and carrying it around…).

Eva leo

So check the WWF site and adopt an animal yourself! Jon, Alice and Eva.



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