Plants in the home – and as gifts

We have always had plants in the home. There is something about them and feeling good. People would now say it is for wellbeing and list all the positive benefits. Ultimately they are just nice. And a cat always compliments them.

My first plant I had at university, and I kept it over ten years but it did not make it in the end. If anyone would like to get me another one, the label is this:

Since then I have always had at least one, but a few years ago we acquired a spider plant. And this then had babies. And these then had babies. And… we have a lot of plants now.

In the last year, as we had so many spider plants I started giving them to my students at school as birthday presents. It’s a great way to pass on a gift, as well as help produce more plants. Their plants are having babies too now! Jon

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