Australian Bushfires – what you can do

This has been on our minds a lot this week, and also what can we actually do? We live in the UK and even though we have friends (who are thankfully safe) in Australia it does feel that it is very very far away and we are helpless.

Today Greenpeace emailed me with the following:

“Hi Jon,

People battling wildfires, children wearing gas masks in their own homes, thousands evacuated to a beach on New Year’s Eve. More than 20 human lives and hundreds of millions of animal lives lost. This is what a climate emergency looks like.

The fires in Australia have so far consumed and burned an area the size of Scotland.

But the Australian government has been acting as though climate breakdown is someone else’s problem, [2] and is stubbornly continuing to invest in coal. [3]

Fighting climate change this decade has to be a global effort, and requires bold leadership like never before. As an important global ally and friend – the UK Prime Minister must urge the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to take the climate emergency seriously and move away from coal.

Then there is a link to sign a petition to for the PM to take this seriously and move away from coal. A link to the page is here. Please take a moment to add your name:

You can read more here:

Thank you Greenpeace for helping us act. Jon

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