Temperature warming

In the last year, on the way to taking my girls to school, they have been asking “is this temperature normal?”. Maybe I mentioned it to them before, or maybe they are aware of the world.

Most times the answer is “No”. The temperature is higher than normal. I read the extinction rebellion handbook last year and it mentioned tribes around the world who can tell that change is happening, and sadly they are having to move due to climate change.

Thinking about this today – it was 12 degrees when we left home for school, just before sunrise.

It felt so wrong, too warm. Looking up UK statistics, 2019 was 1 or 2 degrees warmer than normal. And on a day like today:

Average temperature seems to be 4 degrees. It was 12 already. In the words of Tolkien:

“The world is changing, I can feel it in the air” Jon

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