Electricity through ecotricity

I few years ago I switched our electricity supplier to Ecotricity. They generate electricity from renewable sources.


So obviously this is was the big usp for me, regardless of prices, but they are reasonable!

The next part of their brilliance was an electric car discount! I bought my first electric car in 2014 and Ecotricity give a discount on your electric. (I will blog about electric vehicles in another post).

Talking with Ecotricity they also offered economy 7 and I managed to get them to install a meter to switch to this tariff. So set timer to overnight electric car charge and really save money.

We now do the following with overnight electric use:

– Charge car if needed

– Put washing machine on overnight

– Charge any laptop/tablet/phone (I use a Hive smart plug on a timer)

And we also use smart Hive lights (set on timer for morning and evening use) set to less than 100% to save more.

We did however have a problem with our washing machine and had to swap to an old one and use in the day. I got in touch with Ecotricity to switch off the economy 7 tariff. They were very helpful and analysed our electric use over a year and found we would still save money on economy 7! So now I just put the washing on just after 11pm and sleep. Jon

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